Programs Prepared and Performed:


American History


     *The American Revolution:  A time line of events, primary source music, and lively true stories depict the lead up to the revolution.  "Yankee Doodle" is a little song containing a large amount of history.  Available for 5th grade and high school/adult levels.


     *The Journey of Lewis and Clark:  Students travel to Oregon and back, learning about the hardships and discoveries made by Lewis and Clark.  Fun songs help tell the story.  Available for all ages K-adult.


     *Civil War:  Students hear this painful history through lyrics from songs of the North, South, and Underground Railroad.  The realization that all history has a point of view is evident in this program complete with power point presentation.  Students are always moved by this program.  Available for 5th grade and 8/9th grades and adults.


     *Black History Slavery through Civil Rights:  400 years of American History are compacted in this program. Featured are people such as:  Harriet Tubman, Fannie Lou Hamer, Medgar Evers and the Little Rock Nine.  Powerpoint included.  Specifically for high school students and adults.


     *Songs of the Slaves:  African Music, Christian music, laments, and communication.  Students get a real sense of the suffering and strength of the enslaved Americans through their music.  Power point included.  Appropriate for high school students and adults.


     *Immigration:  Beginning with the poem fromt he base of the Statue of Liberty, students hear songs from vaious groups who arrived at both coasts of the U.S.A.  Are we a melting pot or a tossed salad?  Available for 5th grade and up.


     *1904 World's Fair:  Packed with intriguing stories and vivacious songs from the era; this program is fun for all ages.


     *1960's-Civil Rights and Peace Movement:  Folk music captures the sentiments of a time of upheaval and change. Programs available for 5th grade and up.


     *American Women's History in Song:  Famous women and forgotten women helped build this land.  Stories both funny and poignant make history come alive as we sing about women in American History.  For 5th grade and up.


     *Missouri History:  Missouri has an interesting history of changing who was in charge.  The history of our lovely state with two great rivers and fine land, makes for excellent story telling through song.  Great for Missouri Day presentations for 4th grade.  Also, available for middle school.


      *Voting Rights and Elections:  A power point presentaiton spans the history of elections in the U.S.  Through the primary source music, students learn of the privilege of voting.  Great for election years.  Available for 5th grade through adult.


     *Folk Music from the USA:  Featured are songs form each region.  Good for an all school event.





Communication Arts


     *Biography in Song and Life as Story:  Both are programs about interesting Americans and truth-is-stranger-than-fiction stories.  Available for 5th grade through adult.  


     *Reading Week/Library Week:  This program connects types of children's literature to matching songs.  Available for grades K-3.






     *Earth Day and Ecology:  Songs, scientific facts, and recycling advice teach children to care for the planet.  A very popular program excites students to do their part.  Grades K-6


     *The Body and Senses:  Fun songs for primary children learning about the body and senses.




Other programs


     *Folk Life Festival Music: background music for outdoor folk festivals for audiences of all ages.


     *Scouting Campfire Songs: Girl Scout Music Badges & St. Louis Sings Patch Program, Cub Scout Summer Camp, Bonfire Program. Led camp songs around a fire to fulfill badge requirements.


     *Christmas Songs: This is not your regular jingle bells program-- much more fun and interesting! Great for adult fellowship groups such as the AARP, and church groups.





Dee Mehl Ban