Dee Ban is a teacher, musician, and historian.  She combines all three when she takes her autoharp into classrooms.  Dee teaches history and other subjects by way of musical intelligence and primary source music.  Lively discussions ensue as students encounter differing points of view passionately expressed in music.  History comes alive as students learn that there are many voices of the past and they do not always agree.


"I am writing to 'sing' Dee Ban's praises. For the past several years, Dee has come to our school to teach our eighth graders about Civil War music. She is a 'one woman show'. Now you may think that eighth graders could care less about Civil War music, and I would agree. But, when Dee comes, they listen. She captures their attention with visuals, lyrics and singing. She even gets the students to sing! She also plays the autoharp, an instrument many students have never seen. She tells the students about the music, the lyrics and sings the songs. Students get a whole new idea about the Civil War from her presentation, which is well researched, planned and rehearsed. I would recommend her and her presentation. It has worked as an introduction to the Civil War, but would work anytime. She provides excellent ancillary information that the students don't get in textbooks. Dee is passionate about her work. She truly loves what she does. "                                                                                                       

-- Social Studies Curriculum Leader, Parkway South Middle School 


Dee Mehl Ban